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Bronze Bull Elephant - Edition of 12

We are really excited to have a couple of David's Bronze Bull Elephants for sale at the gallery. This is one of my favourite pieces, such a powerful piece and full of energy.

Every sculpture tells a story

There is a story behind every sculpture just waiting to be told and the nice thing about owning something like this is wondering what the sculptor was trying to convey.

In this case the inspiration came whilst out in Africa when David came across 3 large Bull Elephants charging down the road just past his vehicle. They were startled by a game ranger on his pushbike (yes you heard correctly) who along with skittish Impala decided not stick around.

But watching them in action like this lead to this fantastic sculpture.

If you'd like to see further images or details of this piece you can find them here ...

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01 / June / 2017
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