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Countdown to Christmas!

December is finally here, so we thought it was a good time to show you what artwork we have in stock, ready for Christmas delivery. When it comes to bronze artwork these are mostly cast-to-order, but we do have a few little gems in our online gallery.

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Original Christmas artwork to buy
02 / December / 2018

I'm really excited to introduce this fantastic sculpture from David of an African Buffalo or Cape Buffalo as it's also known. And if you've ever seen these on Safari you will know what a wonderful representation this is. All David's reference for this sculpture was drawn from life.

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falo sculpture
06 / Aug / 2018
New!!! Original oil on panel study from David Mayer

We are very happy to announce the inclusion of a new painting by David Mayer called Bushbuck.

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30 / June / 2018
Two New Original oil on panel studies from David Mayer

We are very happy to announce the inclusion of two new originals to Skinny Lab Gallery. These are a Bull Elephant painting and a Cheetah painting. These individual panels would look great in any home looking for something a little more contemporary ...

Lynx maquette sculpture for sale

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Lynx maquette sculpture for sale
12 / Nov / 2017
Gift Wrapping service Now available - And Free this July 2017

We are very excited to announce that we are now offering a gift wrap service to all our customers, AND throughout this July it will be FREE!

Glorious wrapping paper from Sophie Allport

We wanted the wrapping paper to be special and have a connection with the gallery, so the paper, tags and ribbon all come from the lovely Sophie Allport.

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Gift wrap service available
Sophie Allport wrapping
01 / July / 2017
The Lounge

We are introducing a new feature called The Lounge.

See how the artwork would look on a wall.

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Photo of Wild Dog painting
26 / June / 2017
African Wild Dog - Original Oil on Panel

Let me introduce a beautiful oil on panel sketch by David Mayer of an African Wild Dog.

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Photo of Wild Dog painting
10 / June / 2017
Bronze Bull Elephant - Edition of 12

We are really excited to have a couple of David's Bronze Bull Elephants for sale at the gallery. This is one of my favourite pieces, such a powerful piece and full of energy.

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Photo of bronze Bull Elephant
01 / June / 2017
Welcome to Skinny Lab Gallery

Thank you for taking the time to look at our new online gallery. We are really excited about this, not only because we get to sell amazing artwork to stimulate the senses BUT we get to open peoples eyes to art, and in this day and age it's so important to do this.

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Skinny Lab Gallery photo
28 / May / 2017

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