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About Skinny Lab Gallery

Skinny Lab Gallery is an online gallery that specialises in Contemporary art including sculpture, paintings and printmaking. With the long-term intention to support other artists in their journey of creativeness.

About the artists

David Mayer

David's work has its roots in his childhood, which he spent in rural north Staffordshire close to the moorlands of the Peak District National Park. Walking, climbing and simply being in one of the UK’s most evocative landscapes left a lasting impression. Later, whilst working in this environment, his appreciation deepened with the opportunity to study wildlife and experience nature’s changing seasons and infinite moods.

He draws on these experiences and his innate respect for and love of wild animals and the world’s wildernesses. He says, “Being outdoors and observing wildlife in its natural habitat inspires me as an artist and as a human being.”

His aim is to use the textures of clay to record the fleeting moments that reflect the essence of wild creatures and their relationships with their landscapes. Quite simply, his works offer a glimpse of the wilderness.

Helen Machin-Mayer

From a very young age all Helen wanted to do was draw and after watching her grandfather draw the most beautiful vase of flowers she was hooked. Her father was a copper plate engraver in his early career, so it was very likely that she would follow a similar path.

Helen's business background is in Graphic and Website design but her passion is illustration, painting and printmaking.

Some of Helen's illustration work comes under the banner of Hyjinkz where she has developed a range of characters to amuse and enjoy. Her prints range in subject matter, from flora and fauna in her distinctive style.

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Content and Artwork copyright © David Mayer © and Helen Mayer for Skinny Lab Gallery 2018 - From MachinMayer

About Skinny Lab Gallery

Skinny Lab Gallery is an online art gallery within the UK that specialises in selling affordable original contemporary art including sculpture, paintings and printmaking.

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